Wasps Ladies Rugby FC As the filming for our mini documentary draws to a close, we had the distinct honour of interviewing some of the team members of Wasps Ladies Rugby FC and filming them as they trained.

We have encountered league matches, a development game between a new women’s rugby team and a more experienced team and each encounter has taught us something new and our evening at Wasps Ladies Rugby FC was no exception.

We arrived around 6.30 pm on a freezing cold February evening to be greeted by the Acting Chairman of Wasps Ladies Rugby FC, Kasey Allen who had driven for three hours to attend training so the first point to strike home was the absolute commitment and love of the game that brings these fine athletes out on a cold night to train in preparation for the next match. And fine athletes they are as we discovered when interviewing them and filming their training session.

Several points were highlighted in the interviews: each interviewee felt that more could be done to raise the profile of women’s rugby and how important it was to get the funding and sponsorship to make this happen; that more could be done to gain recognition on the international stage and the cherished hope that in the future, women’s rugby would eventually be on a par with men’s game. Now if you haven’t seen a women’s rugby match in action, I would strongly advocate that you go and see one. It is fast and furious and their fitness and athletic prowess leaves you gasping at times.

Having completed the interviews, we decamped to the pitch to watch them train under Head Coach, Craig Foster and his team of dedicated coaches. I do have to say that these ladies are incredibly fit and watching them race up and down the pitch piggy backing each other was no mean feat let alone the press up jumps over tackle bags that left you open mouthed. Again, the most striking impression is the team spirit – rugby is a sport involving the collaboration of each team member and there is no room for selfish play.

In closing, these ladies all have jobs as Women’s Rugby remains largely an amateur sport – their commitment to the game is astonishing as many have to travel long distances to attend training evenings and when they are not training they are in the gym. We, at Damage Productions, are committed to promoting the women’s game of rugby and it is our intention through our upcoming rom com FORWARD PASS, to place it firmly on the world’s stage.

Damage Cat Productions would like to thank the team members and coaches of Wasps Ladies Rugby FC for their contribution to our mini documentary RISEN FROM THE ROOTS.

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