Video clip from Witney Angels versus Banbury Belles 29th November 2015

Post-match interviews in the club house which included one with Elaine Grieve, Witney Angels, who has been playing rugby for 24 years who has witnessed the women’s game evolve into a much respected and integral part of the sport. Robbie Mills the Witney Angels coach confirmed the belief that women’s rugby is one of the fastest growing sports with it beginning to filter down into the younger age groups.

This was a match with a difference – the Banbury Belles are a newly formed club and the Witney Angels were playing a Development match against them to help them hone their skills and get the invaluable match play needed to develop their skills for league play.

The video footage of game play and interviews will be used as part of the short documentary Damage Cat Productions are producing ahead of the feature film, FORWARD PASS.

Forward Pass Pictures under the auspices of Damage Cat Productions would like to thank the management, captains and the teams of the Witney Angels and Banbury Belles for their participation and contribution to the making of this documentary.

Still images from the event are HERE.

Film Web Site Page is here:

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